Strong Relationship NijoPlus

When you talk to your partner or you are having a discussion with them, don’t talk in terms of ‘you’, ‘me’ or ‘i’ instead use the word “we”.


A couple who addresses their relationship in terms of “we’ more has a greater feeling of togetherness and they feel more connected to each other. It creates a happy and satisfied feeling between the couple. 


Sometimes after being in a relationship with someone for a long time we tend to forget the fact that being together is not the only important thing in a relationship but both the partners need to give each other time and space. Being close is necessary but you must remember that feeling of crowding suffocates the people in the relationship and creates a distance between them. So always give each other plenty of personal space to keep your relationship healthy and happy. 


Make it a goal or habit that when your partner is upset about something or you did something to hurt them, then make use of the ‘AAA’, i.e., Apologize to them for your mistake always, be Affectionate to them by hugging them or holding their hands, and lastly take Action to what you have promised to them. 


Always make a couple of goals or take tasks together that you both find meaningful and you both want to do. Be sure that you both are thinking and working in the same direction and want the same things in life.

Remember that whenever you both take up tasks together and you complete it together it is a win for you both and this helps you to spend time together and stay strong. 


Starting a relationship is easy but staying in it and making it strong and long-lasting does take a lot more time and effort. The key to a strong and happy relationship is to be accepting and appreciating towards your partner.

Accept the way your partner is and the way they do things for you. And always make sure to appreciate the number of efforts they put in general and also in the relationship. Just a simple thank you does wonder if your partner is doing something to make you happy. So always acknowledge each other efforts.  


Being vulnerable in a relationship is what makes your bond stronger with your partner. You must be emotionally open to your partner to a level that you are able to communicate everything to them, you can share all your thoughts to them.

You can share your fears and discomforts with them openly without being judged or without thinking about anything. Being transparent in a relationship makes your relationship stronger as it allows your partner to truly be with you. 


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