Every person feels pain and gets hurt. This doesn’t mean that you are weak or you can not handle things in life. To be resilient emotionally means that how easily you are able to bounce back when you face some trouble in life.


To be emotionally strong one has to plan out things well and act wisely in adverse situations, have a positive outlook towards yourself. When you feel you are stuck in a difficult situation don’t ever give up that you can’t handle it, rather take your time and try to find the ways to deal with that. What happens in life is not in your hands but what you do in return to solve an issue is what makes you stronger.


To become emotionally strong you first need to make a list of things that you feel are your weakness or things that you lack in. after making a list try to start working on each of these issues one at a time. For example, you make a goal that you have put your point or your opinion in front of people in case you don’t do that often.

So your goal is to speak up for yourself, i..e, you have to learn to be assertive. Look for things that you don’t do so often when you are in particular situations but you afterward feel that you should have done it.1 Habit of overthinking


Now that you have identified your weak points and have even started to work on them to be stronger emotionally. The next important thing that you must always remember is to acknowledge your strengths or to reward yourself time for things that you are good at. Appreciate yourself when you are able to handle an emotional and difficult situation when.

When you are able to manage your emotions well and work in a sensible way without getting impulsive or giving up just because the situation was too hard. Appreciating yourself from time to time will boost your self-confidence and will help you stay strong in most adverse situations. 


Sometimes we are not able to put ourselves in front of people well or even in difficult situations we are not able to put our thoughts out because we haven’t really thought about it. Try to keep a note, a daily diary or a journal with yourself and make a habit to write in your thoughts and feelings daily at a comfortable and quiet place.

Keeping track of your feelings helps you to better understand what areas you are having trouble in life as dont have a fear of being judged or you don’t feel that things have to be right or wrong there. Your journal is a safe place where you can share any of your thoughts openly and can also focus on areas that you need to work on in order to make yourself a stronger being emotionally. 


Try to stay away from addictive habits such as drugs, alcohol etc. that hamper your emotional strength and lead you to behave in an irresponsible manner. Rather try to indulge into physical activity daily for at least 30 mins in order to keep your mind and body healthy. As this will ensure clarity in life and help you focus more on the positive and better side of life.

You can also try to read novels or books in order to get to know different types of characters and learn about them. Try to interact with as many people as you can as it will help you to observe and know what different types of people are around you and you will be better able to talk to or respond to them.


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