Your 20s are when you finally have the means and opportunity to truly focus on yourself. When you’re in a relationship, however, that’s going to require work too. The problem with working on relationships is that you have less time to work on yourself. Whether that means taking a course to upgrade your skills, taking up a new hobby, or joining a new fitness class, being able to grow into a better version of yourself goes a long way to making you prouder of the person you are. And when you truly love yourself, that’s what is really going to make you happy in the long run!

So many of us are in such a rush to couple up, we never slow down and take stock of all the small things that make being single so damn wonderful. (Really, who needs a relationship when you have Netflix, pizza, and wifi?)

1. You can control your money

All the money you have in your pocket or your bank account is yours. You can spend it all in whatever way you want as you don’t have someone to think about (exclude parents).

2. You never have to compromise

For example, if you love eating meat, and you date someone who doesn’t, all the meals you will ever have together will involve some kind of compromise. Either you will sacrifice eating what you really want to, or your hypothetical date will have to sacrifice. The same thing can be said for choice of music, taste in movies, sweet or salted popcorn, too hot or too cold environments, and even whether you eventually own a cat, dog, or neither. When you’re single? It’s all about what you want to do or eat, 24/7.

3. You can control your time

When single, your time isn’t monitored by an external force (read partner). It is up to you to decide whether to wake up at 10 am or evening 7, It is up to you to decide whether you wish to get out today or not, and lastly, it is up to decide what you want to do at the given moment.

4. No worrying about having to like your partner’s family

Many people have experienced dating someone with friends or family they don’t particularly like. Whether your significant other (SO) had an obnoxious uncle, overbearing mother, or freeloading best friend, there’s an extra level of stress involved in dealing with them or getting them to like you, at least superficially. Not to mention feeling like you have no right to say anything negative about their family or friends. When you’re single though, you are the one who dictates who you spend time with and who you make space for in your life.

5. You can flirt with anyone

Oh come on, you are not committed to anyone and therefore, have got the right to flirt with anyone. Flirt with as many potential guys/girls as you want and then come up with the one who deserves. It is all about experimenting. Make sure you don’t overdo it, or it may backfire. It’s all about trial & error, you know.

6. You don’t live with expectations

Expectations hurt, especially when you expect something from a girl/boy. We aren’t saying that it happens in all relationships, but it does happen in most cases. You want something, but your partner believes in the opposite. These differences in opinions and higher expectations never let the chemistry blossom, leaving one of the two hurt. Make it clear, No Expectation = No pains.

7. You spend more time with your friends

You know how it is when a friend in your group starts dating and falls off the face of the earth. It’s easy to get swept up when you enter a new relationship, neglecting your friends in the process. A balancing act is possible, but you’re definitely going to miss a bunch of gatherings now that you have a new set of priorities. If you’re guilty of this, take singlehood as an opportunity to make it up to your friends, and spend more time with them! Solid friendships matter most, at the end of the day

8. Your happiness isn’t dependent on another

It’s an inevitable result in caring deeply for someone else: their state of happiness directly impacts you. I’m not talking about a SO that makes you unhappy, but a situation in which you can’t help but mirror the way your partner feels, out of a much deeper empathy. If you’re pretty stable emotionally, you might be better equipped to handle this. But if you aren’t, then a relationship can be an emotionally draining roller coaster. Being single lets you feel fully in charge of your happiness which is a pretty great thing.


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