1 Habit of overthinking

It can be tough to divert your mind from something you are already stressing about but sometimes it’s healthy to have a distraction for a while to keep yourself mentally stable.


For diverting your mind you can always choose to spend some time doing something that keeps your mind calm. You can pick some hobby, or take part in some cultural activities like dance or music. You can also do some volunteer work. 


Sometimes your mind keeps wandering a lot, in such a situation what you can do is try to settle down in a comfortable place, quietly and alone for a while.

Next just close your eyes and take some slow deep breaths and try to focus on your inner body. Breathing exercises help an individual to calm their nervous system and think more clearly. 


We tend to worry a lot about our future or the tasks or goals that we have set but are yet not complete. Thinking about something over and over again or stressing about that thing which you are not able to complete won’t help you rather it will just burn down your mental peace.

Instead, you should try to stay focused on what you have in the present with you and be happy with that. 


Make a list of things that you have accomplished over the past on your phone or someplace that is in your sight at most times. The list can include anything like you are able to wake up early or wearable to cut down on junk food, anything that made your life a bit better from yesterday.

Looking at this list will always remind you that you are able to achieve goals and have good results out of them and will make you positive and keep the negative thoughts away that might lead to overthinking.


We tend to work ourselves up so much that our mind gets too tired to make any more progress, and all this is because we forget the fact that just the way our laptops and phones need to shut down for a while to rest and be able to work properly so does our body.

So when all you do is overthink or stress upon a thing too much just tell yourself to take a break and make notes of things that are going out of hand. Note down the things that are stopping you to complete your task on time and after taking a break start fresh and do keep in mind to always take small breaks to refresh your mind.


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