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Having too much sugar in your diet can lead to insulin resistance, it can also cause obesity and may even lead to diabetes. Both salt and sugar are important to be consumed but in moderation just for the taste.

Limit your sugar and salt intake:

When we consume too much salt it can cause high blood pressure which can result in heart attacks, heart failure, or stroke. So do take salt but within the limit and also try to consume foods that have a low sodium content and opt for natural sweeteners like fruits. 

Consume fruits and green vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants that are all very important and nourishing to the human body. One must consume fruits and vegetables daily. They not only provide healthy nutrition but also are low in fat. Fruits help us to control our cholesterol levels too. Make it a habit to consume a bowl of fruits and vegetables daily to keep health issues away.

Eat different types of foods:

To live a healthy life one has to consume a wide variety of minerals, vitamins, proteins, fibers, etc. And for fulfilling this an individual has to consume different types of food. You must consume fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy products, etc. in order to complete your nutrition. Having a balanced diet will also help you to build immunity and strength to fight common diseases. 

Have a good amount of fluids:

On average, an individual must drink at least 2 liters of fluids daily. In case you exercise or the temperature is high out you must have more water. You can drink tea, fruit juice, milk, water, etc., to fulfill your daily fluid content. Fluids help to nourish our bodies and keep our skin moisturized. Having a good amount of water helps to flush out the bacteria and infections out of the body and keeps you risk-free.

Do some workout:

Being physically active is very necessary for all of us. An individual must exercise or engage in some sort of physical activity daily for at least 30 minutes. If you exercise regularly you will be able to maintain a healthy weight. It will also keep your mind fresh and will promote good health and better sleep at night. Exercising daily helps us to keep our cholesterol and blood pressure levels in control. 

Take good quality carbs in your diet:

Carbohydrates are the major source of energy that provides fuel to our brain, kidneys, heart, and all the main body parts. Carbs help us to run our daily tasks at a normal pace. Fibers are a type of carbohydrate that helps in good digestion and also keeps a check on your blood cholesterol levels. If a person wants to gain weight they must consume some good quality carbohydrates such as potatoes, pastas, rice, whole wheat grains, etc.

Avoid saturated fat:

Fat is also an essential part of our diet and also important to be consumed for a healthy body. But you need to cut down your saturated fats i.e., derived from animal sources, and try to opt for unsaturated fats that are obtained from plant sources. Saturated fats such as nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, help to improve your blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

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