Sometimes a lot many things happen in our lives and we are not able to say it in front of someone. That’s the best time that one can write and express their thoughts, emotions, feelings, everything all together in their personal journal or diary. Expressing your feelings out helps you to unload your stress and burden and can keep you mentally healthy. 


When you are exhausted a good way to relax is to do something that you enjoy the most. Something that is calming to you. One can do gardening as it keeps you close to nature and the greenery is very soothing to your senses. You can also do the cooking if you love to do so or can dance or do anything that keeps you happy and your mind relaxed.


A person can engage in strength training i.e both physical and mental. Do some workout that includes weights as this will help you to gain strength and build up your confidence level. In order to do some strength exercises for your mental health one can try solving out puzzles or riddles. And can also perform some mental capacity-building activities that keep your mental stress away and help you become mentally strong and creative. 


Taking a break is always necessary. Just the way we shut down our computers or mobile phones so that they don’t hang and are able to work properly. Same way our body also needs to take some breaks either by sleeping or resting or by going on a simple walk or just on a weekend getaway. Taking a break from your work your issues helps you to calm your mind and think afresh about your life. 


Yoga is a simple but great way to keep your mental health in a good position. Doing some yoga daily for a while keeps you physically and mentally healthy. It helps you to lower your stress levels, and also keeps your heart and mind healthy.

It helps to lower your anxiety levels and helps you to think in a positive manner.


Reading is an activity that not only helps you gain knowledge about but it also helps an individual to form more strong mental connections. Reading just for about 20-30 minutes a day keeps you mentally healthy as it creates a positive feeling inside you and leads to a controlled heart rate and blood pressure.

It makes you more empathetic as you become aware of the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions more because of the characters you read about in a book. 


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