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A relationship that is toxic or intolerant in the nature of the behavior of your partner for you. It might be toxic in terms of physical, emotional, or mental aspects. From any of these kinds, if your partner’s behavior is hurting you then you are surely stuck in a toxic relationship.

1. Physical Abuse:

Physical intolerance is one of the most common types of toxicity in a relationship. A person without control of their anger would be really harmful to you if you stuck in a relationship with him or her. No relationship has to be continued if one partner is physically abusing another.

2. Toxic Communications

When communications start going toxic, it affects your mental health which ultimately makes it really tough for you to stay in the relationship. If you don’t wanna break that relationship at any cost then it’s a better option for you to take a break from your partner to get your mental peace. Hope it will help you with what to do after.

3. Only taking, No giving

Obviously, if your partner is extremely demanding in nature and each time forces you to fulfill their demand. But when it comes to them, they just refuse to do anything for you. They start giving worthless reasons for their inability but that’s not true. They are just takers in nature and staying with such a person will really frustrate you too.

4. Hiding things

It’s a stage when a relationship starts becoming weak. Transparency is essential for a healthy relationship but when a partner starts hiding things that are actually important for their partner to know, the relationship starts getting damaging itself. Remember that you can’t hide anything for life. Once it will be revealed, everything will go against you.

5. Controlling over you

A relationship is not the thing in which both partners win rights to each other’s lives. It’s a mutual bond that will create an unbound feeling. So if your partner is trying or actually controlling you, your lifestyle, your likes-dislikes, and even your dreams then it’s not going to work too long.

6. Lack of Care

When I say care for someone, I just mean how much you actually care for then not how much care you show to them. So when a partner stops caring about the other one, it becomes really hard for others to stay in this relationship. Because a careless person will hurt you again and again and that’s not good for you to stay at a place where you get yourself hurt.

7. Hoping for Change

When your relationship has started, it started with that personality which now you don’t want. It’s the most worthless thought that might be every person in a relationship someday thinks over. Why do you want to change someone according to your needs? If someone wants to change then they might be influencing you in a really wrong manner which will make you far from your own self.

8. Stress

Jealousy and insecurities are part of a relationship but when your partner feels it, it’s your responsibility to resolve them with your love and faith. But when a partner refuses to resolve your insecurities, it becomes a reason for your stress and you start over thinking about the things. Your study, work and family life can be disturbed due to this stress which is not right.

9. Over Expectations

I’m not going to discuss this in this article more, but you can check my other article, which is basically a detailed discussion on expectations. 

10. Ignorance of Your Needs

Is your partner constantly ignoring your needs? Look, here I’m not talking about expectations. I’m talking about those basic needs of a relationship which have to be fulfilled by both of partners. But you might be careful before taking any decision that your partner is really ignoring your needs or he might be really busy.


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