Self-compassion means developing a positive and healthy outlook towards your own self. we tend to get harsh on ourselves when there is a situation that is difficult for us. We judge ourselves very fast and start to think negatively about our personal self. 

Practice self-compassion:

One should start to think positive and good things about themselves in adverse conditions or situations where we need to show our potential and capabilities. when in odd times always remember what issue you were facing, and what all efforts you had put in. It doesn’t matter that you lost but you need to remind yourself that you tried and did your best. Don’t think low of yourself and never give up on yourself.

Stop comparing yourself with others: 

When we set up a goal or start to do something we have a habit of looking at what other people around us have achieved. we always start to compare ourselves with others in our close circle. but what we need to remember is that every person is different and so are their goals and different people have different ways of dealing with things in life.

So we should not compare what we have learned and achieved from our life and tasks with others. Focus on your life and achievements and not on what others are doing and enjoying. Because being focused on others’ life would distract you from yours and it will create a mess.

Remember your past achievements: 

There are times in life that we think that a particular task is very difficult or some goal is impossible to achieve so we think we should give up or even if we do complete it we really don’t think we did well. But when we get good results then we are able to relate how much effort we put in.

So always remember that you need to try and give your best. and do keep in mind what all you have achieved in your life to keep yourself motivated and to move forward in life. Don’t let your past failures or mistakes stop you from trying or making your life better.

Spend time with people who support you: 

We spend our time with many people in a day on daily basis and all these people have different perspectives about you. some might criticize you some might not.  You keep your focus on friends and family members that are always supportive of you. People who know what you are capable of and always push you to achieve more and make your life bigger and better. 

When you start to doubt yourself, spend some time with these people because they will always help you to remember what your potentials are and what you have done to date and what more you can have in life.

Stop thinking about what others say:  

Don’t pay attention to what others say or think about you all the time. it really doesn’t matter what others think of you but rather what matters is what you think about yourself and what limits do you set for yourself. People will say what they have to and you don’t need to focus on that.

Be determined to achieve your goals and avoid what others have to say. your main focus should be on who you are and what you can do. You don’t need others’ permission or ways to deal with your life. you are much more capable of handling things on your own. so don’t give the access to control or drive your life to any other person apart from you.

Stop asking for Validations:

Sometimes it is good that you have a discussion with others and ask for their help and consider their point of view. But when you have a task of your own to do you don’t need to seek help for every single step from others as this might cause chaos and you will end up destroying your work.

Every person has a different point of view on things it’s not always possible that others will agree with what you are doing so don’t look for validation for every single thing in your life. and don’t depend on others to make up your life’s decision. Take hold of yourself and your life and lead it the ways you want to.


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