Suicidal thoughts are one of the most severe mental health symptoms someone may face. If you find yourself having these types of thoughts, or if a loved one expresses suicidal intent, it is a serious and often frightening situation. Here’s what you need to know about suicidal thoughts and what you can do to address them and help your loved ones.

Listen empathetically 

It is so important for someone who’s suicidal to feel heard. The more you listen, the more you’ll understand, the less alone they’ll feel, and the more hope they’ll be able to see in the future. so always listen patiently to what the other person has to say. try to be considerate of the other person’s feelings.

Help with a daily task

Whether it’s making their bed, doing the laundry, or ordering some groceries, all these things help decrease any overwhelm they’ll have when coming out of the dark place.  You can either spend time with that person doing the daily chores and activities or you can be around them so that they don’t feel alone.

Remind them how much you love them and that they’re not a burden

So often those who are suicidal actually believe others will be better off without them. Someone who is suicidal thinks and feels low about themselves and they feel no one cares for them or they are of no use to anybody. so spend time with this person and make them feel important and not a burden for you. let them know how much you care for them and love them.

Be Present

Just having a loved one sit next to you and stay present till the storm passes (without any expectations of conversation) can be so comforting. It brings much-needed safety. be there with people around you who are in need of your time and attention. sometimes just spending some time with someone makes them feel special and they don’t feel useless or alone. even if you are not able to help them just be there physically and emotionally.

Empower Them

Remind them of their accomplishments, their strength, their positive traits, and how proud you are of them for fighting through this. When a person is losing hope and giving up on themselves or their life, be there for their support and help them to remember what their actual worth is. What they mean to you and what they are capable of doing for themselves and others around them. 


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