One has to pay attention in order to keep information stored in their long-term memory i.e. for a very larger span of time or forever. When you are trying to learn something or you are working you need to sit alone for a while and that too in a calm and quiet place.


It can be quite challenging to sit alone if you are mostly surrounded by a lot of people. Being attentive to any information helps us to transfer it from short-term memory to long-term memory fast and easily. So try to focus your mind while you start to work or learn something in order to get good results and a good memory.


When you try to cram any study material over and over again it does help you to learn it for a short span of time and you are able to use it too. But if you wish to learn something for a very long time then you need to stop the last-minute rote learning or cramming and rather start to learn things on a daily basis.

Someone who studies daily is able to understand the study materials well and this habit also helps to transfer the short-term information to long-term as it is learned daily and there are fewer chances that you will forget this information. On contrary, in case you cram something, it just stays in your memory for a short span of time and if you forget any information from the material then you might forget the whole thing that you had spent your time cramming on. 


In order to learn something and increase your memory, you must always try to build a proper plan and structure before your start to study or learn anything new. Divide your study material in a way that you get to learn or study the information that belongs to the similar category together.

Make notes regularly and highlight the important information while studying which makes it easy for you to revise things last minute. Try to group similar concepts together so you can easily learn them. 


Mnemonics are a technique that is very famous when it comes to memory and is very commonly used by people all over and especially students. It is a way to learn new information for a long time easily. When you try to learn any information try to associate it with a common item, word, or phrase. The association could be with anything positive, different, or something that is very new. You can also try to rhyme or link the piece of information with some sort of a joke or something. 


We usually start with something that is very easy at first. But rather you must start with something that is tricky or difficult as when we start up with something new we are all refreshed and our mind is all able to work at its full capacity.

So in case, you start to learn something first focus on the difficult part and pay a little bit extra attention to it. And once you are done with it then you can move on to the less difficult information that doesn’t require much of your time and energy.  


Visual information is quite easy to remember. When you are studying or learning something try to focus a bit on the charts, pictures, or figures that are drawn with the text as this will help you to create an image in your mind and will work as a cue when you have to use the information that you are trying to learn.

In case you don’t have any diagrams or anything with the text you read you can yourself draw some figures related to that. You can also try to make some flashcards too to help you learn things better.


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