If your partner is controlling then it is going to be hard for them to bend down in a conversation or while you are having an argument because they just want to be proven right and won’t let you win an argument. And in such a case if you start to yell back or argue more things are going to get more messed up.


So instead of telling your partner that they are wrong or you don’t agree with them on something. Try to keep yourself calm and tell them politely that you get what they are saying but there is also a different way of dealing with the situation.


Sometimes it’s hard to express all things clearly. When your partner is angry with you or is being over-demanding what you can try is you can be calm and think about the reason behind their behavior.

Insecurities In A Relationship 2

Try to be more empathetic towards your partner’s feelings and even try to look behind the reason for their actions. Maybe the anger is because they are being troubled by something. All you can do is try to understand more but do keep in mind to not to tolerate any misbehavior or disrespecting words or actions in order to understand the other person. 


Sit and talk to your partner about what can be done and want are the things that are not tolerable between you two. There can be times that things get messed up but you need to converse with your partner that there have to be some set limits beyond which things will go out of hand. Make sure that you clear things like this beforehand with your partner.

And always keep the conversation at an open end so that both of you are able to put your point forward and no one feels that they are being controlled while setting these boundaries. 


Once you are done setting up the limits, do keep in mind to remind those to your partner from time to time. Always make sure that you make it clear to your partner that there will be consequences to their actions in case they turn disrespectful or they try to misbehave with you. Don’t let any of you take things for granted and always be clear as to what can be done and up to what level.

Setting up the limits is fine but don’t overdo it. Be firm in what you say and also remember not to use such kind of behavior in every situation just to get what you want for your personal win.


In case you have tried talking to your partner and doing everything you could and still you are not able to handle their controlling nature, always seek professional help. Ask your partner to visit a counselor with you if they really wish the relationship to last long.

A counselor will help you to better understand the reason behind the controlling behavior and how to deal with it effectively in order to be happy personally as well as in your relationship. 


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