Nature is all green and bright and induces happy feelings in you. in order to declutter or clear out your brain try spending some time near nature. you can go for a walk in the park near you, or could also spend some time in your house gardening with your plants.


The green leaves and the colorful flowers refresh and rejuvenates your mind completely and help you to start with a fresh and new beginning.  the cold breeze and the birds chirping all produce a calming and relaxing effect on your mental health. so be close to nature as much as possible as it helps you to unload your mental stress very fast.


You will find it very difficult and distracting too when you wish to find something in your home or at your office and your surroundings are all messed up and things are lying here and there and nothing is at its place. The same happens with your mind too. and even your chaotic surroundings clutter and mess up your mental activities too.
When your physical environment is not neat and clean you are not able to pay attention to anything gas your mind is stuck to the mess around. so to clear your thoughts in your mind you need to make sure to keep your room and office desk arranged and neat.


We find it very helpful and enjoy doing multiple tasks at one particular time. also when we keep on delaying things the we try to complete multiple tasks at one time and we end up getting anxious and frustrated as we are not able to complete those works well on time. So always try to take up one task at a time and move forward when you are done with your current project.
When you start to do multitasking your brain gets confused as different brain parts start to work at one time and they are not able to work efficiently as they can do when you take one task at a time. When you work being focused on one thing you are able to complete it on time and without any errors.


Whenever you have got work to do may it be at home or at office always make it a habit to write everything down and make a to do list. When you write things down it has a benefit that you don’t forget that have tasks to complete on what date and time so you are always on time and this helps you to be stress free.
And also you can keep difficult and priority tasks first on your list. you can use a writing pad, notebook or some online apps to make this work  list of yours. This habit can help you to keep a track of your work and simplify your life at the same time.


It is important that you pay attention to things around you or the information that you come across. but it is also important that you limit some time to the type of information that you are receiving. Spend your time on different things but assign some specific time to your social media usage, or gathering with others around you.
You need to know what information is relevant and what not. try to filter out things that might be negative and would create stress. Try to divide and limit your time on what all activities you indulge into on a daily basis.


Lastly one of the most important things that you need to do in order to keep your mind healthy and clear the clutter in you head is some workout. you can try meditating daily for some time that will help you to clear out your senses and will help you to gain some focus on important things in your life.
One can even do some yoga poses as its not only helpful for you physically but does wonders when it comes to mental health as it helps to control your stress levels and makes you more focused.


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