Assertiveness is a behavior that helps to create a balance as an assertive person who clearly knows what they want and how and at the same time they would even respect the needs of others. Being assertive helps you to become more self-confident and gain better knowledge about yourself.


Start exploring yourself first. Try to understand what you want, feel, or wish to be. Gain some better knowledge about yourself. This will help you to become more self-confident and help you to be aware of your needs from time to time. But do keep in mind that while you are taking a stand for your rights and needs don’t forget to avoid the needs of others and don’t ever hurt people just because you wish to prove your point. 


If you wish to achieve something to the fullest then you need to learn to speak up for your needs or wants. You need to be clear mentally and verbally about what you want as no one else is going to read your mind or will work according to your wish without any knowledge regarding the same. It is important to say what is in your mind firmly but politely.

Always remember to say or ask for something in a calm and polite way as being rude or aggressive might destroy your personal or professional relationship with the person you are in conversation with. 


It is important to say what you want and that too on time. But you must always learn to say things in a positive and sensible manner. Even if you come across a very difficult situation or your mind is all acting in an aggressive manner. Try to calm down your senses and speak out politely. Don’t forget about other people’s emotions especially when you are in an adverse situation. Just try to stay positive and handle things in a mature way.


It’s good to be helpful or to be able to do a lot of work. But at times it becomes important to say no to certain things or tasks. You have to keep in mind that you cannot perform all the tasks or you can’t keep everybody around you happy all the time. Sometimes you need to take a pause or say no to things when you feel you are being overloaded with things.

Try to find out your limits and your potential and work according to that. Ask the other person politely and try to find a mid-way to complete a task so that it is done too and you don’t feel much pressure. 


  • Try to use “I” while you frame a sentence or talk to someone as often as possible when you wish to put your point forward.
  • Learn to understand others’ viewpoints and then express what your needs and wants are.
  • Ask For some more time if you feel that you are not able to get through a task the time you have realized it.
  • Try to prepare a speech beforehand in case you have to pitch something in front of someone, as it will make you a bit confident. 


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