Living a simple life means living by focusing on important and the basic necessities of life only. simplicity brings your life at ease as you don’t feel like running hard just to meet the social status. you are happy with the way your life is and feel no societal pressure on you. 


When you live a simple life all you focus on is how to keep things simplified and at ease. A person living a simple life is always happy and less anxious and this all is because you know when and how much important a particular task is. you know when to start and when to say no so as to stop something in case something is complicating your life. to live a happy and less stressed life focus more on your hobbies, having a healthy diet, meditating regularly, etc. rather than focusing on things that frustrate you or increase your anxiety levels.


people who are stuck in constantly comparing themselves with others around in their circle are always unhappy or anxious because they don’t feel they are living a good life. on the contrary, a  person who lives life with simplicity won’t be bothered by what trends are going around or what others have and they don’t have as they are happy with what they have in life and all their focus is on the happy and positive moments of life not on the materialistic things that are just for temporary happiness.


a person who enjoys spending time with their family or is happy spending time on their hobbies is someone who is happy most times. living a life with simplicity makes you enjoy small gestures or things around you more. you get happy with just a smile from a loved one. you don’t have big surprises or expensive or luxurious items to be excited about. you are excited just by the day that you get to spend some time with your dear ones or you will get to dance, sing or do some gardening. you find happiness in small things in life that you feel are the biggest achievements of your life.


when you have opted to lead your life with simplicity you feel contentment in your mind. you have a feeling of being satisfied with what you have at present and all your focus is on being happy only. Just because you are satisfied with your life doesn’t mean that you are aimless or you don’t have any focus in life. Being satisfied with your life means that you do work hard to make it better for you and the people around you but you don’t let anything affect your mental peace and positive vibes in life.


A person who practices gratitude in life is always happy and grateful for what they have in life. a grateful person always sees the good and positive in things even if things aren’t going well for the time being. when a person is grateful they are much more able to relate to things and people around who are important and they don’t really focus on shallow things in life. a grateful person is happy and enjoys life to the fullest as they cherish each and everything around them. 


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