You can give countless things and you can do in your relationship daily to convey how much you appreciate your loved one. These actions are actually quite small but communicate so much. In the end, these are what fuel the health of the relationship. And, as a bonus, these behaviors do not necessarily involve a month’s salary. A bouquet is nice, yet there are so many other ways to express affection and love and the effects can last long after the flowers have wilted. The little things, small relationship gestures.

1. Say it!

We mean the “I love you” sentence.  If you feel it, say it. Take your significant other by the hands, look them deep into their eyes, and say it.  A smile is sure to appear on their face. Three little words that can light up both your days and remind them of how much they are loved.

2. Be silly together

Letting your inhibitions go and being childlike is something that can easily be forgotten when you’re an adult and especially when you’re a couple.  Being silly together shows that you are comfortable with each other, that you have embraced one another, and could be a great reminder of why you fell for each other in the first place.  A couple who can laugh and play together is a happy one.

3. Understanding your partner

The study found that couples who know details about each other’s personalities and preferences tend to be more satisfied in their relationships. This includes everything from the obvious stuff like remembering your partner’s favorite movie to heavier topics, like knowing whether or not they want to have children. Taking the time to find out this information about your partner not only conveys that you care about them, but is also useful in determining compatibility. The practicality of these insights, no matter how inconsequential they may seem,  is what makes them so crucial to the survival of a relationship.

4. Hear your Partner

When your partner is sharing something with you, listen to your partner. What are they wanting you to know? Are they wanting you to be supportive to them? Try to acknowledge whatever you are hearing.

5. Compliment your partner

Never underestimate the power of saying something nice and genuine about your partner to your partner.

6. Do something for your partner

Just because you know it will be appreciated, just because it will make him or her smile. This can be a routine daily activity or a special occasion. Need some ideas? These need not be complex. Leave a post-it note somewhere your partner will see it. Send an unexpected text to say hello. Stop by his or her favorite pastry shop on the way home with a just-because treat. Unload the dishwasher, if this isn’t something typically delegated to you in your relationship.

7. Do what the significant other enjoy

If he likes to watch sports, watch with him and cheer on his favorite team.  Listen and take interest in what your partner likes to do, even if it’s not your personal favorite.  In turn, when you want to do an activity that you enjoy, they’ll be open and willing to do it with you as well.  Going outside of your comfort zone and sitting through an opera or ballet for the simple fact that she enjoys it, speaks volumes to your significant other.  It’s a small gesture that shows you want to be with them and that you go out of your way to see them happy in their element.

8. A little present goes a long way

It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, in fact, it can be the simple act of getting them their favorite ice cream on the way home because you know they had a long, hard day at work.  It’s not the present but the gesture and the thought that went into it that will be appreciated more so than the actual ‘thing’ you got them.  Have they been talking about getting a certain book or waiting to see a certain movie?  Buy that book when it comes out or make a date for the day the movie opens, not only will they be happy but they’ll know that you listen to them and you care.

9. Cuddle

Cuddling is the best way to show that you love someone. Cuddling has this wonderful ability to soothe away the pain and calm you down.  It works both ways. Not only will your partner feel relaxed, but you will shake off some of that everyday stress. And when it’s cold, you could keep each other warm.

10. Take their side in an argument

This is more important than you think. You should always back your partner up when they have a brawl, even if you think they are not right. You must never leave them standing on their own in an argument. At the very least, you should try and bring the argument to an end. That way they will know that you have their back, that they can rely on you, and that you love them. This is a little thing that makes a BIG difference.


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