Asian business woman have a headache because using the computer and working for a long time at night.

All of us get angry at some point in life and there is no harm in being angry but if you are getting too much angry then you need to put a stop to that. What you can do is create some ways for yourself to remind yourself when to stop that emotion of yours.


Prepare some cues that remind you that you cannot go beyond this limit when you experience anger. You can create some stop signs and stick them on the wall of your room or you can constantly remind yourself to time out in situations you get high tempered.
You can also try to keep your mouth shut by keeping control of your senses as it will help you to stay away from arguments that may lead to fights and you may feel much angrier then.


Whenever you feel that you are getting angry always try to shift your focus from that thing and try to start counting. Give yourself some time to note down the reason behind your anger so you can control it if similar things happen to you in the future. take deep breaths whenever you start to get angry and try to keep your mind calm.

You can also try to rehearse things pre hand when you are aware that you have to have a discussion with someone and that might turn into a heated conversion.  focus a bit on what makes you angry or how do you react when you are angry and try to find out the triggers behind it.

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Anger is itself a very negative emotion that leads to the most harmful effects on you and your life. and we tend to associate or name other negative emotions with anger only without properly knowing about them.  it’s not necessary that whenever a person is in a bad state of mind that is because they are angry with something. sometimes you get irritated, frustrated,  or annoyed too.

All these have different effects on us. they are different but do come under anger only as they represent various levels of being angry. So it’s important to have a little knowledge about them and just to be sure that what sort of anger do you experience the most and the root cause behind it so you are better able to handle it in future.                       


Every person gets angry and it’s normal too. but what causes trouble is when you are not able to handle your anger in a constructive way. if you are aware that you are not able to handle situations well when you get angry then try to stop yourself by imagining something like a bold bright stop sign.

It won’t make the situation better but will surely help you to stop things before any serious damage is caused.  when you feel anger you can try to talk to someone you rely on, or could watch something that is calming to your senses. you can also try to listen to some soothing music or music of your choice that helps you to relax down.  one can also write down their feelings by maintaining a personal diary and share their thoughts in that regularly because sometimes we get angry because we are unable to express ourselves in front of people.


Anger is an emotion that has a very negative role on both your mind and your body. it fills negativity in your mind and even is proven unhealthy for your physical health too. a person could start following some workout routines at their convenience so as to keep their mind and body healthy.  one could start by taking a walk for a while daily or even do some stretching exercises.

Yoga is something that is not very difficult but at the same time is very effective to lower your anger levels and your stress levels too.  you can also start to play some games that you like or could also start some less intense activities like, swimming, cycling, running, etc.


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