I always say that every problem has a solution in itself. And for this case, your toxic partner is your solution for saving your relationship. It sounds weird but it’s true and you have to accept it.

Sometimes it’s just because of their introverted nature, they become toxic for others. But really they are not toxic. If they are willing to save your relationship then it can work. I’m giving you some circumstances in which your relationship might be saved.

  • Efforts to change things:

The things will only gonna work if your toxic partner is ready to make efforts to change things. Although it’s true that no one can change their nature, they can change some things which can make your relationship better. If your partner truly loves you then they might be interested in changing themselves in a better person for you.

  • Taking Responsibility:

Nobody wants to be toxic. Everyone wants to love and to be loved by someone. Being a toxic partner is he is ready to take complete responsibility for being toxic to you then things are gonna work in your relationship. An apology with a change is the best to resolve things.

  • Understanding:

Understanding is the pillar for a healthy and long-lasting relationship. As I’ve said many times that a relationship is not going to work if the efforts are coming from one side only. It should be from both sides. Understand your partner’s situation, help them to be a better person, support them and try to sacrifice some things for some time.

  • Ready to Get Outside Support:

Outside support like me or from some relationship consultant can greatly help you and guide you to either get out of your relationship from toxicity or get out of such a toxic relationship.

  • Manage expectations:

Have a discussion with your partner and set ground rules that take into account your exclusiveness and commitment to each other. Being honest and upfront about your expectations from the beginning can prevent things from going wrong down the road.

  • Actively listen:

If you catch yourself forming a rebuttal in your head as your significant other is talking, you’re not really listening. “You’re getting ready to defend yourself or go to battle”. “Winning” an argument is never truly winning. “If your partner feels that they lost, it will likely contribute to more distance, tension, and resentment, so in the long run, you lose too.”


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