Effective Ways To Boost Your Learning Skills

We tend to believe that once we are done with our schooling, the learning process will stop. We won’t be able to acquire any new knowledge, or more importantly, we won’t have to acquire any new knowledge. But the process of learning is not restricted to a particular age or a particular grade.

We are learning something new constantly, sometimes without even realizing it. You may not attend any college once you are done with your high school but still, the learning process never stops. Some ways to boost up your learning skills are given below:

Be organized

Keep your notes organized and well divided. Create separate folders for the various notes taken down by you in your computer or keep your notes in separate files and folders. This little technique will not only keep you organized but will also save you a lot of trouble and make your task easier when you are in a hurry and want to find something out of your notes.

And not just get organized but keep up the habit of staying organized. This will help you remember where you kept your stuff and will help you at the time of hurry. Keeping your desk organized or keeping your notes organized can make your life much easier.

Develop a schedule

Develop a schedule for yourself and decide how you want to study, when you want to study, and where you want to study. Preparing a schedule for oneself is often not given due importance in the larger scheme of things. We often are of the opinion that having a schedule is not going to be of much help but it can be exactly the thing that you need. In order to be able to develop a schedule, create a time limit for yourself as to which you have to complete the given assignment.

If you are on a clock to complete a task, then you tend to put in much more concentrated effort in order to complete the tasks. Also setting a time limit tends to solve the problem of procrastinating and helps you avoid the completion of the task at the last minute and not be able to give you your best.

Underline the Key Points

This is one of the best-known study tips. The act of underlining something means you are engaging with certain key aspects of the text. Highlight one key sentence per paragraph and a few important phrases here and there. Highlighting the most significant parts of what you’re reading helps you to brief up the whole chapter so that the next time when you are going to revise the chapter or a topic, you don’t need to scroll down the whole page but you will recall every concept just by having a look of the underlined sentences.

Take Regular Study Breaks

Your brain is like a muscle that can also get tired if you overwork it. Once it gets tired you really can’t concentrate on your work. So it’s important to realize the length of your concentration span and help yourself to give some rest from the work you’ve put in.

Taking regular short breaks not only helps improve your focus but can also boost your productivity too. The relaxing period can be in the form of a ten-minute walk, a trip to the gym, having a chat with a friend or simply fixing yourself a hot drink. This gives the brain the best chance to restore the whole of your learning.

Get a good night’s sleep.

But vary your sleep time depending on what you are learning. If you are trying to learn facts like names, formulas, and dates, go to bed early and get a deep sleep of the early evening. Then get up early and review what you had been learning the day before. The sleep that best consolidates creative thinking and motor skills happen in the morning before awakening. So to learn these skills you may find it best to go to bed a little later than normal and sleep in a bit.

Use self-testing

This is a strong, proven learning technique. You can test yourself by trying to remember what you were learning or explaining it aloud to yourself or to someone who is prepared to listen. You can get friends to quiz you. One of the benefits is that you can get immediate feedback whether you are right or wrong.


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