How Simplicity Increases Happiness In Life

Living a simple life means living by focusing on important and the basic necessities of life only. simplicity brings your life at ease as you don't feel...

How To Become ASSERTIVE?

Assertiveness is a behavior that helps to create a balance as an assertive person who clearly knows what they want and how and at the same time...

How To Improve Your Memory

One has to pay attention in order to keep information stored in their long-term memory i.e. for a very larger span of time or forever. When you...

Ways To Overcome Insecurities In A Relationship

If you and your partner are having some issues with each then there has to be a reason behind that. Always try to search for the root...
Body Image Issues 1

How To Deal With Body Image Issues

Try to shift your focus from your body and list down the things that you are good at. Write as many things as you can that you...
1 Habit of overthinking

Steps To Control Your Habit Of Overthinking

It can be tough to divert your mind from something you are already stressing about but sometimes it's healthy to have a distraction for a while to...
Strong Relationship NijoPlus

Ways To Have A Strong Relationship

When you talk to your partner or you are having a discussion with them, don't talk in terms of ‘you’, ‘me’ or ‘i’ instead use the word...
Healthy Lifestyle NijoPlus 2

Some Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Adults

Having too much sugar in your diet can lead to insulin resistance, it can also cause obesity and may even lead to diabetes. Both salt and sugar...

Benefits Of Meditation

PROMOTES SLEEP: When you are having trouble sleeping go for some meditation. Meditating for a while regularly helps an individual to lower their stress level and thus the...

Benefits Of Positive Thinking

TALK TO POSITIVE PEOPLE: The type of people you spend your time with has a major effect on what you think and what you behave like. If you...

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