Who Are We ?

With a confounding thought in mind and dedication to contributing to society, the founder of the Nijo Community, Nijo Jonson came up with the idea of connecting people through Facebook. Nijo+ Community founded in 2019, which initially had a handful of members is now a family of more than 260K people and continues to grow every day.

As our community expands, and we tend to provide as much as we can from our end, we have developed our app to connect people, wherein they can connect with people to reach out for help through calls.

Nijo+ App provides a forum for people to connect with others anonymously and yet create an intimate relationship with each other. We believe in creating a non-judgmental and safe space for everyone.

Through this app, we also want to create a way to make passive income for people who join the app as listeners.

With Nijo+ App we aim to bring help and be at service for everyone. We strive to create a positive environment, that evokes hope and optimism in the world. With a little acceptance and a nudge of support, we can help people get better.